Sound of Silence of the River

Written by: Steve De Zurik, my son - Jimmy D

Have ever heard the phrase "silence is deafening?" Have you ever experienced it?

Well there are times and places in this world where that really does exist...this past weekend my brother Tony and I hit the upper Mississippi River on a quest for walleyes and smallies. We traveled to one of my favorite sections of river and experienced all that is good in this sometimes hectic world.

Fishing was fantastic... and when we both caught ourselves listening to the silence... we both looked at each other at the same time and... not a word needed to be said... just the sound of stillness wrapped around the world of nature... and let's not forget some cooperating fish to cap off one of those days you don't want to forget what it sounds like to hear... nothing... snd yet so amazing.

Tony Used a Black River Bug

Tony - Sound of Silence

Steve Uses Hair Jigs In The Quiet Waters Of The River

Steve - Sound of Silence