Meet Jimmy D

Meet Jimmy D, I started tying when I was a boy about 10 years old. I was fascinated by the feathers & hair of wild critters. still am. I remember reading stories of fly fishing. To make something out of wild materials that fish would bite on seemed like a dream at first. I grew up in Minnesota.  Fishing was all around me. I didn't have trout, but I did have sun fish. that was my first quarry. So, I made wet fly’s, poppers out of cork & squeezed split shot on a hook for jigs. My mom bought me a fly tiers kit at the age of 14 and I was off and running. our family owned a mfg plant. I worked there every summer. I sold my pan fish flies to the guys. I would go to all the machines taking orders. My dad was not overjoyed but told me stay only a few minutes. These were my first customers.  I didn't realize it then, but I had a captive customer audience.   A lot has changed but my love to fool fish has not! I have many customers today that still teach me things I don't know.

You never stop learning!

-Jimmy D

I Love What I Do & Fish With What I Make

Jimmy D's Hard Day at the Office!

Here's What Others Are Saying About Jimmy D's…

Tom caught a nice Large Mouth Bass

Tom From CT

March 2019

CT-Tom Fishing early spring using the "Spring Bear". Direct Quote: "Your Spring Bear should be illegal! I remember this Spring fishing with two friends, they wanted to kill me… it was BIG Bass after BIG Bass."

Top With a Nice bass caught on a Jimmy D hand Tied bait


September 2019

No, he is not hiding from the law, just from the sun! CT-Tom caught this 3lb. 13oz. Large Mouth Bass on the Black Minnow. He says it was AWESOME! I agree. Look how deep in the mouth the jig is… he likes it!  Thanks Tom from Jimmy D.

Bill With A Nice Bass

Bill S.

Mid-August 2019

"Caught this beauty today. 21 inches. Caught it on the white and gold spinner. I hooked one just a little smaller on the white one but lost it trying to get it on the dock without a landing night. I was alone and never took a selfie before. I caught 8 smaller ones as well. 6 on gold and white, 2 on the white. Biggest largemouth I've caught in a long time. Thanks Jim!"

Peg With A Nice Sun Fish


August 2019

"Life is good" says Peg on a very successful day on the water. Yes! She still gives seminars after church on Sundays. Peg uses 1/32 sunfish jigs. Avid fisher woman like my mom."

Nice Bass Caught with River Bugs

Don from Wisconsin

Late June 2019

Don sent me a picture of tonight's meal. He caught 8 bass in one hour. He used a Brown Marabou to entice them. He added "these are the BEST tied hair jigs that I have ever used!" Thank you very much Jimmy D.

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