Meet Jimmy D

Meet Jimmy D, I started tying when I was a boy about 10 years old. I was fascinated by the feathers & hair of wild critters. still am. I remember reading stories of fly fishing. To make something out of wild materials that fish would bite on seemed like a dream at first. I grew up in Minnesota.  Fishing was all around me. I didn't have trout, but I did have sun fish. that was my first quarry. So, I made wet fly’s, poppers out of cork & squeezed split shot on a hook for jigs. My mom bought me a fly tiers kit at the age of 14 and I was off and running. our family owned a mfg plant. I worked there every summer. I sold my pan fish flies to the guys. I would go to all the machines taking orders. My dad was not overjoyed but told me stay only a few minutes. These were my first customers.  I didn't realize it then, but I had a captive customer audience.   A lot has changed but my love to fool fish has not! I have many customers today that still teach me things I don't know.

You never stop learning!

-Jimmy D

Jimmy D's Hard Day at the Office!

I Love What I Do & Fish With What I Make

Here's What Others Are Saying About Jimmy D's…

Tom-Paul-Nov2020 - testimonial

Tom & Paul of Connecticut

Nov 2020

This big pike is about 15 pounds and fell to a "Spring Bear". The guys had some excitement breaking a net while bringing it aboard.

Brianna-July2020 - testimonial


Mid-July 2020

Brianna is my granddaughter and loves to fish and knows how. She is using a 1/32 Sunfish Jig. As you can see no tipping is necessary. Summertime + Sunnies = Good Combo!

Marshall-July2020 - testimonial

Marshall from Iowa

Mid July 2020

Marshall was using a black River Bug on a famous Minnesota lake. He and Luke used a slow, steady retrieve on the hair jigs to get the smallies going.

Thanks guys! - Jimmy D

Brad-Aug2020 - testimonial-rev

Brad from Canada

August 2020

Brad King & buddy Mark took 14th place in a big tourney. Most of the fish were on a 3/32 Black Bass Marabou. Brad is Canadian and has been a customer for years.

Thanks guys! - Jimmy D

Kurt-July2020 - testimonial1


June 2020

Kurt is giving a helping hand to 7 year old Adam. They were fishing stripers in a lake out west, using my Super Pearl Minnows.

Thanks guys! - Jimmy D

Frank-6-2020 - testimonial

Frank from Illinois

June 2020

Frank is a good friend from IL. Bagged this big walleye from a small stream. He had me tie custom river bugs for him. Walleye was 29.5" and was released.

Good going Frank! - Jimmy D

samantha - joes niece

Samantha from Michigan

Summer 2020

Samantha's catching mid-season Michigan Crappies. She is using custom 1/32 Crappie Jigs. See more photos in the blog section and hear the rest of the story of fishing with uncle Joe.


Tony from Minnesota

Mid-June 2020

My son Tony was using a Swim Jig to take this nice smallie. He was fishing the upper Mississippi River in Minnesota. Water is clear, fisherman are few and fish are plenty.

Scott-July2020 - testimonial

Scott from Minnesota

Mid July 2020

Scott loves small river float trips in MN. He is using his favorite "bug", his custom standard River Bug.

Marshall-July2020 - testimonial2

Marshall from Iowa

July 2020

Marshall fishing a famous Minnesota lake for smallies. Summer fishing with hair jigs. Just keep em' moving with a nice and steady retrieve. River Bugs work just fine.

Luke-July2020 - testimonial

Luke from Iowa

July 2020

Luke is from the great state of Iowa but he sneaks up to Minnesota to fish sometimes. This smallie was 19.75", from a small river in Minnesota. A black River Bug was the jig.


Nick from South Dakota

May 2020

Nick and his dad Jon used pink Marabou jigs to catch huge crappies and a few walleyes that couldn't say no.

theo - June2020 - testimonial

Theo from Minnesota

June 2020

Theo had a great day on a famous MN lake. Small Mouth & Large Mouth bass were all taking the "buzz" bait. Gold blade seemed to be the best. He said the hook set on the fish was solid, very few misses.

Rob-July2020 - testimonial

Rob from Minnesota

June 2020

While fishing for smallies we caught this nice walleye. When fishing Minnesota waters they often occupy some of the same hangouts. Hair Jigs will do the job for either.

muskie 6-2020

Tyler from Minnesota

June 2020

This bug muskie was caught and released by Tyler on a custom spinner bait. He chose the colors. This fish was caught in northern Minnesota. Visit our blog to see the exciting video!

Jon-July2020 - testimonial

Jon from South Dakota

July 2020

Jon & his dad clobbered the "sunnies". My favorite sunfish jig (1/32 bumblebee). Jon fishes out of South Dakota. These jigs can take a beating. Use them as is, no tipping needed.


Richard from Virginia

May 2020

In my opinion these are the finest hair jigs I have ever used and are made in the good old USA.  Thanks again my friend.

Richard Marlow
President Boat Worx

Mike with big blue gills on mayfly jigs

Mike from Minnesota

May 2020

Mike, a Minnesota Angler got these "HUGE" bluegills on a 1/32 Mayfly.  He had me customize them on to his specs looks like it worked just fine. 😉

Thanks Mike - JIMMY D

Tom caught a nice Large Mouth Bass

Tom From Connecticut

March 2019

"Your Spring Bear should be illegal! I remember this Spring fishing with two friends, they wanted to kill me… it was BIG Bass after BIG Bass."

Top With a Nice bass caught on a Jimmy D hand Tied bait

Tom from Connecticut

September 2019

No, he is not hiding from the law, just from the sun! Connecticut Tom caught this 3lb. 13oz. Large Mouth Bass on the Black Minnow. He says it was AWESOME! I agree. Look how deep in the mouth the jig is… he likes it!  Thanks Tom from Jimmy D.

Bill With A Nice Bass

Bill S.

Mid-August 2019

"Caught this beauty today. 21 inches. Caught it on the white and gold spinner. I hooked one just a little smaller on the white one but lost it trying to get it on the dock without a landing night. I was alone and never took a selfie before. I caught 8 smaller ones as well. 6 on gold and white, 2 on the white. Biggest largemouth I've caught in a long time. Thanks Jim!"

Peg With A Nice Sun Fish


August 2019

"Life is good" says Peg on a very successful day on the water. Yes! She still gives seminars after church on Sundays. Peg uses 1/32 sunfish jigs. Avid fisher woman like my mom."

Nice Bass Caught with River Bugs

Don from Wisconsin

Late June 2019

Don sent me a picture of tonight's meal. He caught 8 bass in one hour. He used a Brown Marabou to entice them. He added "these are the BEST tied hair jigs that I have ever used!" Thank you very much Jimmy D.

otto-May2020 - testimonial

Otto from Michigan

May 2020

Otto chose Olive River Bugs for huge Lake Michigan smallies. He is an expert at using them. Smallies are a favorite of many anglers.


Lee from Pennsylvania

Early May 2020

Lee caught this nice smallie on an Olive River Bug. Fishing out of PA, kayak fishing at its best in small rivers!


Joe from Minnesota

May 2020

Joe was having a good day using Furry Critters for Minnesota walleyes. He was new to hair, but not anymore! 😉

Theo-May2020 - testimonial

Theo from Minnesota

June 2020

This is Theo my neighbor. He is an avid fisherman well beyond his years. New to hair jigs, he is testing out my new jig for 2021, the "Cubbie". Looks like he likes it! Thanks Theo

Joe Cinko from Dyer, IN

May 2020

Outstanding jigs! I appreciate the quality that you put into each one. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to try them out.  Thanks again for making a superb product.  

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