Jimmy D’s River Bugs

Jimmy D’s River Bugs, owned and operated by Jim DeZurik (Minnesota based angler / fly tyer with 50 years of experience), provides custom fly tying for all anglers looking to catch fish and enjoy themselves on both lakes and rivers. When you come to me, you can choose from my stock items (available in multiple colors) or let me tie one of your favorite jigs. Jimmy D’s River Bugs offers a variety of fish-catching lures, including Hair, Feather, Rabbit and Marabou Jigs, Swim Jigs, Spinner Baits, Pan Fish Jigs and so much more.

I specialize in tying jigs to catch Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleyes, Northern Pike and Pan Fish. River Bug Hair jigs feature the usage of hair, feathers and silicone skirts. All of the materials used are of the highest quality and provide a natural life-like breathing action when pulled through the water. Paints used are oven cured powder paint and are available in a multitude of colors. Hook eyelets are always free of paint so you can start fishin’ instead of pickin’. I tie to please!

Quality Note

*All products featuring Silicone (Rubber) Skirts.* The Silicone is tied in place. I don’t use “rubber bands.” Mine are tied, knotted and cemented onto the hooks. They will not deteriorate or come off when you boat a fish. I put them on, to stay on! – – Thank you, – Jimmy D. Custom Hand Tied…

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Bear Material Notice

Effective Immediately All Goby’s will have “Grizzly Hair” used to replace the cinnamon black bear. Hair is exact color as the cinnamon but longer and stronger bear hair. You are going to love this change! Jimmy D Custom Hand Tied Bucktails Over 1,000 products to choose from! Shop Now

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Custom Work

Contact Us Today! IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT USE PAYPAL OR FOR CUSTOM WORK either send me an email or call (320-252-2605 or jimdezurik@gmail.com). I will be happy to answer questions and offer quotes on things not listed. Custom Hand Tied Bucktails Over 1,000 products to choose from! Shop Now

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I got lucky last Sunday on a beautiful day. The fish were practically jumping into our boat. This fish was about 20". The river this time of year is the place to be. I live on the Mississippi and the fishing spot is within sight of my dock.

Jimmy D’s Satisfied Customers

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This is what I do during the 'Off-Season'! Do you want to see what I do when I'm 'In-Season'? Click the button below!

Ben caught this world record brown trout on a custom Black Bucktail. Ben used 5lb test line. It weighed in at 32 lbs, 9 oz. Ben was fishing for smallies!! How exciting!

Thanks Ben! May 2021
~ Jimmy D

Hi Jim- thanks again for the jigs. My two boys and I used them to catch some great smallmouths on vacation in Wisconsin. My oldest son and I used them the following week to finish 5th & 7th at the Kansas State Championship Tournament. Appreciate ya.

Scott has found a place to stick this Marabou Crappie jig. No tipping necessary used 1/32 size. There are many more where this came from 'Spring MN Madness 2024'.

"My boys have been going to the same place many years - sometimes they take dear old dad along!"

~ Jimmy D

Cody used a Northern Pike Streamer to catch this giant. See blog section "Manitoba Trophy Pike & Walleye" for more giants!

June 2023
~Jimmy D

Watch Casey Ehlert on YouTube in my blog! He demonstrates a new technique of catching giant smallies using my Marabou Jigs.

Brian used a black Marabou jig to nail this 5lb 6oz smallie. Brian said they caught a ton of fish on that lure that day!

May 2024

Thanks Brian!
~ Jimmy D

Graham and Jackson Win Indiana State Tournament to Enter BASS World Junior Championship! The Boys used my 3/32 Black Marabou jigs to help win the tourney & the "Big Fish"!

Early 2024

Mark caught this giant Crappie on a 1/32 Crappie Marabou Jig (#8). He said it's his personal best. Wow, that's a slab!

Early May 2024

Thanks Mark!
~Jimmy D

Brad (left) & Mark (right) finished high in tournaments this past season using an olive colored Bass Marabou. They said it worked great on bug hatch days where nothing else did. Brad King is a Pro Angler out of Canada.

Thanks Guys!
~Jimmy D