Jimmy D’s River Bugs

Jimmy D’s River Bugs, owned and operated by Jim DeZurik (Minnesota based angler / fly tyer with 50 years of experience), provides custom fly tying for all anglers looking to catch fish and enjoy themselves on both lakes and rivers. When you come to me, you can choose from my stock items (available in multiple colors) or let me tie one of your favorite jigs. Jimmy D’s River Bugs offers a variety of fish-catching lures, including Hair, Feather, Rabbit and Marabou Jigs, Swim Jigs, Spinner Baits, Pan Fish Jigs and so much more.

I specialize in tying jigs to catch Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleyes, Northern Pike and Pan Fish. River Bug Hair jigs feature the usage of hair, feathers and silicone skirts. All of the materials used are of the highest quality and provide a natural life-like breathing action when pulled through the water. Paints used are oven cured powder paint and are available in a multitude of colors. Hook eyelets are always free of paint so you can start fishin’ instead of pickin’. I tie to please!

Quality Note

*All products featuring Silicone (Rubber) Skirts.* The Silicone is tied in place. I don’t use “rubber bands.” Mine are tied, knotted and cemented onto the hooks. They will not deteriorate or come off when you boat a fish. I put them on, to stay on! – – Thank you, – Jimmy D. Custom Hand Tied…

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Bear Material Notice

Effective Immediately All Goby’s will have “Grizzly Hair” used to replace the cinnamon black bear. Hair is exact color as the cinnamon but longer and stronger bear hair. You are going to love this change! Jimmy D Custom Hand Tied Bucktails Over 1,000 products to choose from! Shop Now

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Custom Work

Contact Us Today! IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT USE PAYPAL OR FOR CUSTOM WORK either send me an email or call (320-252-2605 or jimdezurik@gmail.com). I will be happy to answer questions and offer quotes on things not listed. Custom Hand Tied Bucktails Over 1,000 products to choose from! Shop Now

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Jimmy D 10/10/20

Steve-August2020 - testimonial

The Cubbie has been producing great results for many species!

Jimmy D’s Satisfied Customers

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Tom & his buddy from CT had a great day fishing big mouths with "Scruffy". They boated 18 good ones in a morning trip.

Thanks Tom! October 2021
~ Jimmy D

Ben caught this world record trout on a custom Black Bucktail. Ben used 5lb test line, it is a Brown Trout weighing in at 32 lbs, 9 oz. Ben was fishing for smallies!! How exciting!

Thanks Ben! May 2021
~ Jimmy D

My son Scott & I were fishing the river, catching smallies. He was still using a Marabou moved ever so slightly. 19" is a good fish and full of fight.

Thanks Scott! Oct 2021
~ Jimmy D

Luke is making use of the fall fishing with a Black Bug. This giant is there who can brave the elements. Luke is from Iowa & sneaks across the line North on occasion.

Thanks Luke! Late Oct 2021
~ Jimmy D

Todd my son, Kendra my granddaughter & her two soon-to-be anglers Eli & Wil. Kendra used a Bumblebee Sunfish jig to fool this crappie. Looks like the beginning of a fish fry.

Mid-August 2021
~Jimmy D

Watch Casey Ehlert on YouTube in my blog! He demonstrates a new technique of catching giant smallies using my Marabou Jigs.

Dave tricked this 28" walleye on a brown/orange river bug. He took his picture & returned it to the water to fight another day. 2021 Thanks Dave

~ Jimmy D

Frank of Illinois is enjoying some beautiful fall fishing. He was using a Cubbie to take this 20 inch smallie plus a mess of smaller ones.

Thanks Frank! Oct 2021
~ Jimmy D

My boy Tony used small custom Spinner Baits to catch a dozen crappies just like this one.

Early October, Minnesota 2021
~ Jimmy D

Ken from Michigan used The Cubbie to catch this giant smallie. It was just shy of 6lbs. They caught many that day.

Thanks Ken! Late April 2022
~Jimmy D