Spring Bear


This is a brand new jig with little history, but with great potential. This is what a Black Bear is wearing after “sleeping” all winter. The hair is super soft yet strong. The length of the hair is amazing. After tying on the football head the overall length of the jig is approximately 4″ long. The Spring Bear’s action is almost “creepy” along the bottom.


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I put it on a super sharp and strong flat eye hook with a black nickel finish; Mustad’s finest premium hook. Although the “Spring Bear” shouldn’t need a trailer, it does have a “cast” in keeper for those wanting to add their own enhancements to the jig. The supply of hair is very limited; get yours today!

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Football Head Color

1. Black / Blue Football Head, 2. Black w/ Purple Glitter Football Head, 3. Black w/ Green Glitter Football Head


1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/8 oz