Your Friend, Frank - April 2019

Good morning Jimmy

Yesterday I fished a quarry lake with a friend. Air temp was 50 degrees and water temp was 46°. Used my custom color jig the whole outing. The 3rd guy fishing with us was a hotshot local tournament angler. This guy makes his own jigs also, but more of a pitching style. I am not a big fan of this guy as he is way to full of himself. Fished with him once before and he kind of put down my style of fishing. Handed his ass to him that outing.

This time first thing he said was I didn't need the chartreuse head on the jig. At the end of the 4-hour outing I had 12 largemouth and he had 0 fish. My friend caught 5 on the Ned Rig. I could not help myself, but at the end of the day I said maybe you need to add some color to your presentation.

I feel he was going at it all wrong for the day's conditions… finesse fishing was definitely a better choice than throwing big heavy jigs and plastic trailers. Absolutely love your jigs, definitely fit my approach to fishing. Thank you for creating that custom colored jig for me. Again thank you and have a fantastic day.