Scott S. - April 2019

Each of these bugs have earned their passage to the white pine log of fame on my porch wall. That's not before some very serious battles with mighty fish. Black Beauty was the first one you suggested I use a dozen years ago. Life changing event that was! She was shelved after 60 inches of bass in three consecutive casts. 19-21-20 inches a piece. Olympic Olive has become my most consistent heavy lifter. This gal retired after murdering the walleyes while wading mid river, mid-summer. She tagged the most and largest fish I have ever seen in that area. You gained a new customer and I a new friend that day. He saw all the commotion and wondered what (not who) was kicking his behind. And finally we have Bumblebee. I call her The Switchbait. Whenever the bronzies or eyes aren't cooperating I switch over to Bumblebee and let her put the sting to em! Time and time again big fish just needed that something different to inject enough venom to strike. This particular bee confused more than half a dozen giants, the largest at 22.25" is my heaviest smallmouth to date.

Now each of these riverbugs have landed 50+ fish. They are still beautiful and could tackle another 50 more. However, for now they rest until neither you nor I can ty no more. When all other bugs are spent or retired they may get one more chance to become superheroes!!

Thanks for everything Jigfather.