Shawn & Brady's 4th of July Canada Trip

This was a special trip for me as it was just Brady and I only.

Normally we take a trip with family in August. Those trips in August are always fun, but the fishing techniques are usually limited to trolling crank baits or bottom bouncers with spinners because casting with 4 to 5 people in the boat would be problematic.

This trip, I was able to show Brady some more casting techniques, including how to use your River Bugs. The Smallies were in post-spawn and sitting in 4 to 8' of water in traditional rocky / gravel shoreline with mixed-in boulders (the surface water temp was 75 degrees). We also hit some off shore rock reefs that were adjacent to deep water. They were really stacked in tight there. The 3/32oz. River Bug was the perfect size for this depth. It took Brady a little bit of time to figure out the slow gliding retrieve, as he was previously fishing a Carolina Rig which allowed him to fish a little quicker. I had him count to four after the River Bug hit the water before he would start his slow gliding retrieve. Once he did that, it was game on and he was catching Smallie after Smallie.

Brady put on a clinic catching 15 to 18" Smallies using your 3/32 oz. River Bug. It was a fun sight to see him all smiles with every fish he caught. You have another sold customer in my son on your hair jigs.

We also had good luck using your Swim Jigs tipped with a plastic grub tail.

Thanks for helping me make lifetime memories. The picture is Brady's FIRST ever River Bug small mouth!

Brady, age 14 fishing in Canada with a Smallmouth Bass

Brady, holding the huge Smallie, is 14 years old. His dad's name is Shawn (age unknown).