Furry Critter


The “Furry Critter” is Aspirin Shaped and dressed with Fur instead of hair. So it sinks like a rock. It’s a FAST drop jig. It’s a jig that seems to work better when tipped with live bait or plastic. It has a built-in “Keeper” to help hold “trailers”.

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A brief summary would be the Fox (early and late season) with a minnow type trailer. The Coyote (mid-summer) with a crawler type trailer.

The Coyote tipped with 1/2 a crawler became my Go-To Summer bait. Fantastic results on walleyes and small mouth. It’s had two full seasons of test firing from a handful of trusted anglers… so the confidence level is high. You will love this jig!

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Blue Frost Fox, Coyote


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