Catching Smallies and Cashing Checks

These boys did amazing today... we started out at 7:00a.m., one with top water and the other with a River Bug...  by 8:30 we were in 13th place with 3 of the right fish, 2 of them on the River Bug. From there on out they only threw the River Bug.... by 10:00a.m. we were in 2nd with 21lbs... we were committed and grinded that pattern for the rest of the day. We probably caught 75 fish today (all but 2 of them on the River Bug) but unfortunately only minor upgrades to bring us to 22.61 lbs. We got bumped out of 2nd with an hour to go, and then again to 4th place with 10 minutes to go.

All in all it was an amazing day that we really couldn't be happier with. We only lost 1 fish all day.

Your jigs completely made the difference. Many teams were throwing jigs without the success we had.

And the best of it all was that Sullivan used grandpa Ted's favorite rod all day, of course it was a Mr. Walleye signature series rod throwing his great uncle Jim's hand tied jigs. I literally was so overwhelmed when I sat and thought about it as he was casting away!!! All 3 of you were in the boat with us today.

Thank you!






Sullivan & Carson

What Sullivan had to say:

"These have the best hooks with the most action of any jig I have ever fished with... I mean I caught 50 plus fish myself yesterday and they were all on the same jig. Most jigs would have been bent or broken after catching smallmouth all day!"

"You can tell he really takes his time with each jig... each one fishes exactly the same as the last!"

"By far the best jig I have ever fished with... it's the little things that make the difference!"